My tendency of acquiescing to others, seeking approval and swallowing my frustrations had made me physically ill, weary of life, mentally anxious and emotionally absent.  


Breathwork provided a way out.

Perhaps it was growing up in a family of seven children and moving ten different times before I was 18, or perhaps it was just my nature, but I have long been an expert chameleon - going with the flow and accommodating those around me.


As a child, I preferred to stay unnoticed in the background and was a constant worrier since I can remember. These skills served me well... until they didn't.  

It was only once I hit a proverbial brick wall in my life that I was forced to begin a three-year journey to uncover a part of me that was suppressed and recognize that unless I learned to like the person within, I would never be content or peaceful.  



"We are often so quick to discredit ancient modalities in favor of modern medication but in many cases, this allows us to cede power and numb our feelings rather than hold ourselves accountable and see our body as capable of remarkable self-healing and worthy of our nurture in order to perform at its very best."