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Your partner for change.

About Me.

Growing up in a large family and moving very often as a child made me adaptable to change and flexible to the needs of others but not particularly confident or comfortable in my own body.  My tendency of acquiescing to others, seeking approval and suppressing my needs led to frustration, anxiety and ultimately illness. It was also easy to play the victim and blame my mistakes and decisions on  others around me rather than take responsibility for my role in my life and feel that I had the power to change course if I wanted to.


It was a crisis in my personal life that ultimately forced me to begin looking inwards and addressing the parts of me that I had neglected.  Breathwork showed me where I was in pain but it is coaching that helped me to pick myself up and start moving forward.


Breathwork revealed me to myself and it was coaching that helped me to find my passion in life and calibrate my inner compass.  It was from this place that I could begin to heal, grow and flourish and it is these tools and others that I share.


Coaching coupled with breathwork is a powerful combination to find the knots in our flow and then work towards  lasting change.







MIND European Foundation for Psychedelic Science, Berlin Germany

Augmented Psychotherapy Training

Kings College London, London UK

Masters Degree, Neuroscience and Psychology of Mental Health

Duke University, Durham NC

Integrated Health and Wellness Coach

Georgetown Univeristy Walsh School of Foreign Service, Washington DC

Bachelors of Science in International Law and Legal Studies



Grof Transpersonal Training

Holotropic Breathwork Training


Trauma Research Foundation

Certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies

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