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Anna's combination of life integration support along with breathwork and sound therapy can help you achieve life goals while maintaining emotional balance.  A proactive and integrative approach to your life makes enduring results possible.   

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Life integration coaching is designed to help individuals create a sense of self-empowerment and wholeness by reconnecting with their inner strengths and resources. This type of therapy works to help individuals find their purpose in life, set goals and manifest their dreams. It also focuses on helping individuals to understand how their thoughts and behaviors affect their life. The goal of life integration therapy is to help individuals become more self-aware, responsible, and empowered in their lives.  We will focus on the whole self, including the often neglected elements of community, environment, professional development, and the mind-body connection. Through a structured client/coach relationship I will help you to develop and ultimately realize your optimal health vision using inquiry, breathwork for personal discovery, manageable goal development and real accountability.  We need enduring behavior changes if we want lasting health improvement. 

When one or more of our life pillars is out of place or needing attention, it can cause an imbalance and have long term effects on physical and mental wellbeing. Integrative health coaching can support you in getting the balance back. 

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Because reaching out for support every now and then is a strength and can make all the difference.  We need someone in our corner to keep us moving forward when we are stuck.  Every moment filled with doubt, anxiety or pressure can be used as a catalyst for a fresh start.  

Your road to optimal health begins here.  Schedule a free first consultation to learn why having a personalized plan can turn doubt into do. 

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The primary principle of modern breathwork, is to find energy and healing from within through the use of controlled breathing techniques rather than the use of synthetic drugs or medications.  Sometimes breathwork is used as a stand alone session and at other times it can complement a coaching session.

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Controlled breathing teaches our sympathetic nervous system in the brain to switch off its "fight or flight" response and instead activate the "rest and digest"  parasympathetic nervous system, allowing us to be less reactive and better able to cope with daily life. All forms of breathwork share one thing in common...they control the breath in order to bring transformation.


Every session is conducted in a safe and calm environment where together we can figure out the intention or focus that is particular to you at that exact moment in your life.  This intention or reason for trying breathwork could be different every time or it might be informed by an ongoing challenge you are facing.

I will guide you through a set of visual images, encourage you to notice sensations and recall memories and then "let you go" your attention is initially forced to focus on breathing, all other stresses and anxiety begin to melt away.  


Images or clarification may appear to you, occasionally inducing feelings of contentedness or sensations of deep emotion.

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The breathwork method I work with most often is simple, powerful and often transformational.  The circular breathing rhythm that comes from the Holotropic family is coupled with resonant sound and music will transport you out of the distractions in your head and into a kind of active meditation, leaving you relaxed and empowered.  Every experience is unique and each time you can be sure to receive what your body needs.  

Breathwork was so powerful in my own life but I realized its real power lay in its combination with integration.  Integration refers to the processing of experiences, the gleaning of particular meaning for you and then the weaving of that meaning into your life in a way that makes most sense to you.


I am convinced that every moment filled with doubt, insecurity or anxiety can be used as a catalyst for a redirection or a fresh start. 

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